Review | Central City by Indy Perro

53346636._SY475_Kane Kulpa learned which laws could be bent and which broken after a short stint in prison courtesy of Detective Vincent Bayonne. Bound by time, integrity, and the reality of life in Central City, Bayonne and Kane made peace with the past. Now, gang tension spirals from corrupt to deadly, and a series of murders stresses Kane and Bayonne’s uneasy alliance. Kane balances on a razor’s edge to protect his bar, power, life, and family, and Bayonne hustles to keep another lonely man from being strangled.

Central City is a city struggling for identity. The cops protect the rackets, and the criminals shelter the injured. Innocence is only an appearance, and rage finds a voice

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Blackthorn Books Tours sent me this book in exchange for an honest review.


My Thoughts

The first thought that crossed my mind while delving into the world of Central City is that it would be a rockin’ tv movie or mini series.

The story was mainly dialogue-driven and the characters voices were so clear and distinct they leapt from the page. I kept wondering how actors would have delivered each witty or gritty line and how the scenes in the book would have translated in television.

That, to an extend, was because the combination of little to no description and a continuous dialogue made me feel like I was reading a script rather than a book. However, I will not lie and say that I was mad at it. The back and forth between characters felt very natural and I was surprised to quickly find myself invested in their stories (Adam Mckenna will forever be Jonah Hill in my head) flying through the book in half a day.

Being my first time reading a crime novel I was expecting more vivid descriptions, bloody crime scenes and inner monologues of distraught detectives but, again surprisingly, the lack of description suit the style of the novel perfectly. In fact, if the pages were graced with inner monologues and dramatic descriptions it would have possibly tainted the fast-paced, mysterious tone the plot had adopted.

The story begun with two different crimes set years apart and a whole lot of questions. The first few chapters were the most confusing ones as keeping track of dozens of new character introductions proved a difficulty, but as the story progressed it fell into a smooth story-line filled with mystery, murder, people trying to escape dark pasts and a small town whose resident’s lives where more entangled than those in soap operas. It was highly entertaining.

If you are looking for a plot-driven, fast-paced suspense-crime novel and you do not take your murder tales with lush descriptions and characters lost in their thoughts but instead want a straight-forward crime story that dives straight into action, then look no further than Central City. It is a dark tale that involves everything from mystery to drugs, long lost families, mafia-esque dudes and some deep friendships.

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